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2nd Grade Lesson Plans

May 26th-June 4th

Below are some websites we recommend to further your online distance learning experience. Feel free to check out these sites and activities over the next two weeks. 

You can also continue reading from Epic Books as well as work in your Moby Max Math and Fact Fluency account.

Reading: Please check your Epic Books mailbox for books and videos.  

Math: Let’s review some math at home. Pick one activity from the list below to complete each day.

● Find objects in your house and sort them by shape. Look for 2D and 3D shapes.

● Ask your mom and dad for some coins. Place them all in a bowl. Use a spoon to scoop one spoonful of coins. Count the value. Complete 3 times.

● Create an addition problem with snacks.

● Make a timeline of your day. What time do you wake up, eat breakfast, play outside, eat dinner, go to sleep, etc..?

● Can you find 100 of the same object in your house? Find it by making 10 piles of 10.

● Use plastic cups and a ball or a rolled up pair of socks to play subtraction bowling. Set up cups like bowling pins. Roll the ball and subtract the number of pins you knock down.

● Grab some spoons from a drawer. Use your spoons to measure objects around your house. Ex. How many spoons long is your pillow?

● Use sidewalk chalk to draw shapes. Label the sides and vertices.

● Do jumping jacks and skip count as high as you can go by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

● Create a subtraction problem with your toys.

● Go outside and collect as many rocks, leaves, and sticks as you can. Make a graph using the items you found. How many of each did you find? How many total items did you find?

Writing: We would like to encourage you to keep up your journal writing as we end the school year. Each day, pick one of the options below and challenge yourself to write at least one paragraph:

● Would you rather be invisible or able to fly? Why?

● Write a letter to your teacher. Send a picture of it on Dojo

● After watching one of the virtual field trips below, write about what you saw.

● Write a review about one of your favorite Epic Books. Would you recommend it to a friend? Which friend would you recommend it to? Why?

● Would you rather have cupcakes or cookies for dessert? Why?

● Create a map of your neighborhood.

● Design the perfect bedroom and write about it.

● Make a “bucket list” of things you would like to be able to do with your family this summer.

● Would you rather go camping or go to the beach? Why?

● Write a letter to a friend. Tell them what makes them a great friend.

● Write a story about the perfect summer vacation.

● Draw a picture in your journal and write about it.

Social Studies/Science: Here are two sites that are full of virtual field trip ideas.

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