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A Book a Day Helps Keep the Boredom Away!

Our Library Media Program is dedicated to ensuring that students learn to be effective users of information and literate life-long learners.  The library has an extensive collection of literature that fully supports the Accelerated Reader Program.

All classes visit the library once a week. There are open times during the week that students may also visit the library. Students may check out books to take home. Books are checked out for a 1 week period.  However, the students may renew their books if they need them longer.

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Our catalog is available to you 24/7. Just click on the icon to get started.

If you have a book at home and want to see if the book's level is in your range or ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) you can click on the icon below or go to your app store and get Points Scan Free.  



                                                      Be a Hero! Box Tops education.

Be a Hero!
The library collects box tops for education to provide new and wonderful books for our students.  If you would like to participate it would be extremely helpful if you follow these easy steps.

1.   Please make sure it is a box top.  (Students bring in labels for education, pictures of box tops and other items thinking they are box tops.  If it isn't a box top it won't be counted)
2.   Check the expiration date on your box tops. (If they are expired the company will not accept them and they will not be counted)
3.   Cut them out. (Don't cut off the expiration date.  (If you cannot read the expiration date on the box top the company will not accept them and they will not be counted)
4.   Put them in a small bag of any type.  (Put your child's first and last name on or in the bag)
5.   Have your child bring them in to the library and give them to the librarian. The librarian or parent volunteer will record the number of box tops brought in by each student.  (Again, it is imperative that you have your child's first and last name on or in the bag)

For every 50 box tops brought in, your child will get to choose a book that has been donated to our library for the Box Tops Free Book Exchange.   They may keep it forever or after reading it they may trade it in for a different one.  The books donated must be in good condition.

Don't forget that you can also shop online to earn box tops.  Just go to the website and sign in.  It is free.
You can click here or on the logo to take you to

Thank you so much for your support,
Mrs. Hardee

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 Volunteers are welcome in the library. Please contact the librarian if you can volunteer your time.