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TK and K Registration is open...
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Dear Parents,
With the probability of returning to in class instruction, we would like to invite you to complete the registration process for your TK – K age students if you haven’t already.  https://portal.wheatland.k12.ca.us/enrollment/
We are preparing to return to a hybrid model of in-class instruction beginning October 19, 2020. Please see below for details of the hybrid model being implemented.
This date is a best-case scenario and could change depending on how long it takes to get our waiver approved or if Yuba Country moves into the Red Tier for at least two weeks.
If you have a child who has already turned or will turn five years old by November 2, 2020, they are eligible to start school this year. Children whose birthdays fall between September 2 and December 2, 2015 are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten and five-year-old children with birthdays before September 2, 2015 are eligible for Kindergarten.
Wheatland Elementary Hybrid-Model
  • Students will be on an AM/PM schedule and will either attend three hours of school from 8:00am to 11:00am, or from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on Tuesdays – Fridays.
  • All students will receive Distance Learning for one hour on Mondays.  The remainder of Mondays will be independent learning and follow up activities.
  • Students will be grouped into AM or PM depending on a variety of factors; siblings, special education services, busing needs, etc.
  • While we cannot guarantee that your child will be placed in a specific group, if you have a specific need that requires your child be on a particular schedule, we will take it into consideration and do our best to accommodate your needs

            TK – K – Ist
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8:15-8:45    Morning Meeting
8:45–9:15     Morning Menu
9:15–10:00    ELA/Writing
10:00–10:15   Morning Break
10:15–11:00   Math
11:00–12:00   Intervention
12:00–12:40   LUNCH
12:40–1:20    Sci, Soc St.
1:20–2:00   PE, Art, Counseling
2:00          End of School Day

2nd – 3rd
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8:15-8:30   Morning Meeting
8:30–9:15     ELA/Writing
9:15–10:00    Math
10:00–10:15  Morning Break
10:15–11:00   Academic Menu
11:00–12:00   Intervention
12:00–12:40   LUNCH
12:40–1:20    Sci, Soc St.
1:20–2:00   PE, Art, Counseling
2:00        End of School Day

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Welcome to Wheatland Elementary School

Home of the Jr. Falcons


     At Wheatland Elementary we are committed to both the educational and social growth of each student.  From rigorous academic instruction in the classroom to the use of Kelso's Choices on the playground, we are sure to support students as they learn and grow up. 

Mr. Peter Towne


Wheatland Elementary School Principal

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